Tree & Shrub Care

Company uses only the most environmentally responsible products available. It is our policy to minimize all pesticide use. We evaluate the landscape during each visit and spray only that plant material that needs it. Company provides a continuous program of tree and/or shrub care. We will continue our service, application after application, unless you direct us otherwise.

Round 1: Horticultural Oil

Round 2: Pre-Emergent

Round 3: Insect Control, Iron and Fertilizer*

Round 4: Insect And Disease Control*

Round 5: Insect And Disease Control*

Round 6: Fertilizer

*These applications are designed to control insects and diseases throughout the year, especially during the growing season. The summer through early fall months have a great deal of pressure because of the high heat and humidity. Below is a partial list of insects and diseases we inspect for and treat:

Insects- Aphids, Cankerworm, Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Fall Webworm, Japanese Beetles, Lace Bugs, Mites, Plant Hoppers, Scales, and White Fly

Diseases- Apple Scab, Rust, Powdery Mildew, Canker, Black Spot, and Root Rot

***The following trees and shrubs are not included in our tree and shrub program: Ornamental Grasses, Roses (other than Knockout), groundcovers, vines, Mature Hardwood Trees, Pine Trees, and Fruit Trees***

Note: A 100% pest-free landscape is not ecologically sound or possible. Some types of insects are prolific breeders and may be present between visits. Others may be carried long distances by wind and weather. Insects feeding on plants are a natural occurrence and pose no danger to healthy plants (when controlled in numbers).