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What You Need to Know about Ground Bees

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Do you see bees flying near holes and little mounds of soil in your lawn?  Living up to their descriptive name, this time of year ground bees (also known as digger bees) make their nests by digging little holes in the ground and piling up the excavated dirt nearby. 

Installing Spring Color in Your Landscape

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There’s nothing like a pop of color to revitalize your Spring landscape.  The contrast of bright, cheerful flowers against an increasingly green backdrop will increase the enjoyment and curb appeal you get from your property.

A Proactive Approach to Harmful Spring Insects

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The weather can be a roller coaster this time of year, but the rain and slightly warmer temperatures means your Handy Andy Outdoors team is starting our proactive insect inspections.  If we do find the types of harmful bugs that may emerge this time of year, clients with our Tree and Shrub Care Program can rest assured that we will treat as-needed to prevent further damage.