Three Ways to Add Spring Color to Your Landscape

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Spring_Flower_bed_tips.jpgAdding Spring color to is a great opportunity to give your surroundings personality. Do you like bold, cheerful colors, or softer hues?  Monochrome plantings can be striking, or you can select a palette of contrasting colors that work in harmony.  When selecting seasonal color for your landscape, think about your personal style and the emotions you’d like to inspire in your outdoor space. 

You may also consider current color trends. The top colors selected seasonally by Pantone set the tone for fashion, interior design and special events – so why not your landscape?  You wouldn’t be the only one to select flowers based on fashion trends.  FTD posted a list of flowers inspired by Pantone’s top two colors of the year for 2016, rose quartz and serenity, for weddings and other special events. The top 10 colors identified by Pantone as the hottest colors in women and men’s fashion in Spring 2016 include shades of pink, blue, green and brown that look at home in any flowerbed. 

No matter what your color palette, here are three ways to add Spring color to your landscape:

  1. Install Spring Color in Existing Garden Beds. Want Spring flowers but don’t have time to research, purchase and plant? No problem.  The team at Handy Andy Outdoors assists clients with plant selections that perfectly suit your personal taste and your property’s microclimates.  We source healthy, high-quality flowers from trusted vendors.  And our team has the right equipment and know-how to efficiently install seasonal plants for our clients.   
  2. Add New Garden Beds in Highly Visible Places. If you don’t already have a flowerbed in the right location, but want to add more seasonal color to your landscape, you could reap the rewards all year by adding one. Location is key. We can help you choose a place where plants will get the right sun exposure, keeping in mind that you’ll get the most enjoyment from your new flowerbed if it is located within your usual line of sight.  Adding a raised flowerbed will create a highly visible location for a flower garden that’s also easier to maintain.    
  3. Create Container Gardens. Container gardens are an easy way to add impactful color. Containers give you the flexibility to rearrange according to what’s blooming and how you’re using the outdoor space at any given time.  A good rule of thumb when planting the perfect flower container is “thrill, fill and spill.”  The “thrill” is a tall plant that provides height to the arrangement.  Thrill plants should be planted in the middle of the pot, or toward the back if the container is primarily viewed from one angle.  Then, “fill” the majority of the container with a colorful plant, or plants of complementary colors and textures.  Finally, the “spill” is a cascading plant or vine that is planted near the edge of the container.  Samples of plants that thrive in our climate here in Atlanta include taller (thrill) plants such as ornamental grasses, aster or cosmos; mid-size (fill) plants such as Impatiens and Pansies; and trailing (spill) plants such as sweet potato vines and alyssum.  Another key to planting a successful container garden is selecting plants that thrive in the same growing conditions. 

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