The Best Landscapers look at the Big Picture: Annual Landscape Care

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Annual_Landscape_plan_Atlanta_Georgia.jpgWhether your property is large or small, traditional or modern, formal or informal, a big-picture approach will optimize your return on investment.

A thoughtful, customized landscape maintenance program will maximize the day-to-day beauty of your outdoor space while simultaneously taking a long-term view of your landscape’s overall health and well-being. A great landscape maintenance program also ensures that every aspect of your landscape will get the special attention it needs at the optimum time.

To deliver this level of service, your landscape service provider should maintain a strong commitment to ongoing training, certification and continuing education for all of its team members.

For example, the knowledgeable team members at Handy Andy Outdoors know that azaleas should be pruned after blooming in late Spring or early summer (typically in June) compared to crepe myrtles, which are typically pruned in January and February. Generally speaking, plants that flower after the month of May should be pruned in the coldest months of winter, prior to the Spring growth season. 

Our team also has the training and know-how to consistently check your turf and shrubs and identify different types of harmful insects that are common in our region throughout the year, and proactively recommend the best treatment.  And, due to our mild climate here in central Georgia, we are always watchful for weeds sprouting up in beds and natural areas and spot spray throughout the year.

Here at Handy Andy Outdoors we also offer the convenience of one-stop shopping. If your big-picture thinking includes a landscape redesign, our design and installation services provide seamless project management from concept to completion.  

Ready to take a proactive approach to your lawn care and learn more about the specific services included in our annual maintenance programs? Contact us today. 

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