Our Recommendation for a WiFi-Enabled Irrigation System

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Considering a “smart” WiFi-enabled irrigation system?  All WiFi irrigation irrigation.jpgsystems promise some level of convenience, efficiency and cost-savings.  But if you’re overwhelmed by the choices, don’t worry!  We’ve already done the research, and our recommendation for the best option currently on the market for our clients in north Atlanta is the Hydrawise system by Hunter. 

While doing our research, one of the most important factors we consider is the quality of the weather data.  As you know, isolated thunderstorms and pop-up showers are common around the Atlanta metro, and data from a weather center at the airport does not always reflect what’s actually happening north of the city.  Therefore, our goal was to identify the irrigation system that collects the most weather from north Atlanta. Click here to enter your zip code and see the weather stations nearest you used by the Hydrawise system.

In addition to automatically adjusting water based on real-time local weather data, the Hydrawise system also uses “Predictive Watering,” which fine-tunes watering based on the weather forecast and history. This approach of looking at past, present and future weather leads to significant water savings from your sprinkler system, saving both time and money. And like most smart irrigation systems, Hydrawise also offers remote access to view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller from your phone, tablet, or computer.  

A smart watering tip for : Users can also program the specific time of day allowed for watering under current Drought Level 1 restrictions currently in effect in most northern Atlanta metro counties.  

Ready to protect your landscape (and your wallet) by installing a smart irrigation system?  We’re here to help if you need us!    

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