January is the Perfect Time for Landscape Clean Up

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Now is the perfect time to clean-up your landscape!  You will reap the benefits year-round with healthier plants, and trees and shrubs that better maintain their shape within your landscape. 

The Benefits of Winter Pruning:

Winter pruning offers benefits that are both cosmetic and practical.

Some plants require significant pruning to achieve a desired size or shape, as overgrown trees and bushes can crowd other plants or obscure your view. This pruning will also rejuvenate older existing plant material and promote healthy growth, flowering or fruiting.  

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, any plants that have been damaged by insects, diseases or freezing injury will greatly benefit.  Pruning by a skilled professional will remove unhealthy tissue and can often prevent disease from spreading to the healthier parts of the plant. 

Ornamental grasses and ground covers should also be cut back this time of year.  Vines and other groundcovers that are left unpruned for long periods of time can not only be unattractive, but can become a habitat for snakes, wasps and rodents.

Risks Associated with Pruning:

Each plant within your landscape has unique characteristics, and requires a specific pruning method.  In fact, the same type of plant may require different pruning methods if planted in different locations, depending on the amount of sunlight, the surrounding landscape and other factors.  Incorrect pruning methods, or pruning at the wrong time of the year, can make your plants vulnerable and cause long term damage. 

Additional Winter Landscape Maintenance:

Now is also a great time to clean up the natural areas in your yard.   Your landscape can still look polished with a fresh application of mulch, pine straw or pine bark.

If you have questions about winter landscape maintenance or other landscaping needs, contact Handy Andy Outdoors today by clicking here, or by phone (770) 458-8505.

Handy Andy Outdoors is a full-service landscape company that provides a variety of services, from routine maintenance to the most elaborate landscaping renovation.  The Handy Andy Outdoors team stays up-to-date on the latest industry technology and techniques, and whether we are mulching a flowerbed or installing an irrigation system, our skilled crew will treat your landscape like it’s our own.  Company founder Andy Batcheller started his lawn mowing business in Dunwoody when he was 9 years old, and he and the company continue to give back to the local community through donations and service.

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