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Spring Irrigation Maintenance

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We’re focused on keeping your property looking its best year-round and protecting the investment you've made in your landscape. Routine maintenance and repairs to your irrigation system will not only ensure that you have a great looking lawn this summer, it will also save money in the long run by preventing small problems from turning into bigger ones.

A Proactive Approach to Harmful Spring Insects

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The weather can be a roller coaster this time of year, but the rain and slightly warmer temperatures means your Handy Andy Outdoors team is starting our proactive insect inspections.  If we do find the types of harmful bugs that may emerge this time of year, clients with our Tree and Shrub Care Program can rest assured that we will treat as-needed to prevent further damage.

February is a Great Time to Create (or Update) Your Landscape Plan

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Whether you simply want to add a few accents, or you’re ready to create the outdoor living space of your dreams, February is the perfect time to get your landscape plan down on paper.

There are a number of reasons why February is the great time for landscape planning.  First, Fall and Spring are generally the best times to plant, and you will be well-prepared for the Spring planting season by creating your landscape plan now.  Second, if you decide to implement your plan right away, you will be able to maximize your time in your new landscape in Spring, and throughout Summer and Fall. 

How to Care for Ornamental Plants in Winter

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As the temperature regularly dips below freezing this time of year, many homeowners worry whether their ornamental trees, shrubs and plants will make it through the winter. 

January is the Perfect Time for Landscape Clean Up

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Now is the perfect time to clean-up your landscape!  You will reap the benefits year-round with healthier plants, and trees and shrubs that better maintain their shape within your landscape.