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Watering Recommendations for Fall

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The rate of evaporation, the amount of natural rainfall and our local watering restrictions are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining your watering schedule this Fall. However, the general rule stays the same - continue providing one inch of water every week to maintain a healthy lawn. 

Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs

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Trees and shrubs are definitely the work horses of the landscape world, providing Trees go Dromant in Fall, Making it a Better Time to Transplantprivacy, shade, focal points and other valuable benefits.

A Quick Guide to Adding Fall Color to your Landscape

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Fall is a great time of the year to add snaps of color to your landscape. If your weekends are hectic and don’t allow time for digging in the dirt, no problem! Our clients don’t even needs to pencil in a trip to the local home and garden store – the Handy Andy Outdoors team can provide the plants and the labor for seasonal color. Our team of professional landscapers can efficiently install a variety of plants that will add curb appeal to your house and a smile to your day.

Make Your Outdoor Space Your Happy Place with an Entertainment Space, Fire Pit and Patio Heaters

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It’s a scientific fact: Spending time outside will make you happier.  

Fall is the Perfect Time to Revitalize Your Garden

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It’s Fall… and it’s a great time to refresh your garden! The top two ways you can breathe new life into your garden are (1) planting a Fall edible garden, and (2) ordering bulbs for your Spring garden.

Plan Now for Fall Landscape Enhancements

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What’s your favorite part of the Fall season? Whether it’s pumpkin-flavored anything or the upcoming holidays, we have a lot to be thankful for every autumn. And if you ask me, the weather here is ideal in Fall, and our team really enjoys being outside in temperate weather.

Fall Aeration and Overseeding

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To keep your lawn looking its best, we provide aeration and overseeding for all cool season turfgrass types every Fall. The best time for this treatment is September or October, after the weather has slightly cooled and the seeds have a few weeks to germinate before the first freezing temperatures.

Creating The Perfect Shaded Outdoor Seating Area

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There’s no doubt that summer is hot here in Georgia, but that doesn’t mean you should be stuck inside with the air conditioning. A shaded seated area is the perfect solution for enjoying the outdoors despite the hot summer sun.

When Armyworms Appear in Georgia

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The end of summer means back to school, a break from hot weather on the horizon… and the occasional emergence of Armyworms here in Georgia. 

Diseases Commonly Found in Warm Season Turfgrass in Georgia

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Hot, humid and rainy weather is common during our Georgia summers. And while your landscape may welcome the rain, the combination of high temperatures and prolonged periods of moist soil may create ideal conditions for warm season turfgrass diseases.