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Tips on Selecting the Right Fountain for your Landscape

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Recirculating fountains are a manageable, eco-friendly way to add a water feature to your landscape. Whether it’s a fountain or an urn, these welcoming water features can nestle into small or large areas and make an impactful focal point.

The Best Time to Install Warm Season Turf Grass

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There are many different types of turfgrass, but in general, a turfgrass is considered either warm season or cool season depending on its most active growing season. The two most popular types of warm season grass here in central Georgia are Bermuda and Zoysia. 

Tips on Controlling Crabgrass

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When it comes to controlling crabgrass, the keys are prevention and early intervention. By controlling crabgrass in the Spring, you can prevent a bigger crabgrass problem from arising in the summer.  Here are some handy tips on what this tenacious weed is all about, how to prevent and control it. 

10 Tips on Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor rooms are one of the hottest trends in landscaping, and for good reasons. Outdoor rooms designed for a specific purpose maximize your outdoor space and increase the value of your home.  Are you ready to take meal prep and entertaining outside, but not sure where to start?  Here are handy tips on how to design the perfect outdoor kitchen. 

A Healthy Landscape Offers Physical and Mental Health Benefits

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We’ve talked about the ROI of landscape investments yielding up to 20% in the value of your home, but since Earth Day and Arbor Day are approaching, let’s take a moment to appreciate everything a healthy landscape has to offer - including the emotional and physical health benefits.

Choosing Concrete or Pavers for your Outdoor Space

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When creating an inviting outdoor space, hardscaping with concrete or pavers will help define the place and make it easier to use. From paths to patios, hardscaping provides a durable foundation that you can enjoy for years to come.  But how do you choose between pavers and poured concrete?  Both are great options, although there are some things to consider, ranging from your personal style to how the area will be used.  Here’s a handy guide to help walk you through the decision process.

Common Pests and Popular Trees, Plants in Georgia

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The best defense is a good offense when it comes to landscape pests. According to UGA’s Extension, an effective pest control program begins with proper plant selection.  When creating a new landscape design, or when you are replacing plants in your existing landscape, it is a great opportunity to select plants that are less prone to insect problems.

Top 10 Reasons Why Mosquito Reduction Treatments

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Spring is in the air! And pretty soon mosquitos will be in the air, too.  Everyone can think of at least one good reason they don’t want mosquitos hanging around: The annoying, itchy bug bites.  But can you think of ten good reasons why you should banish these nuisances from your landscape? 

Signs You May Have Poor Drainage and How To Fix It

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Our unique weather pattern may bring lots of rain and help beautify our landscapes this Spring.  Or, it could be dry.  Either way, we need to fortify your landscape with the right amount of hydration leading up to the hot, dry days of summer.

Tips on Planting Your Spring Vegatable Garden

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Picking fresh vegetables from your garden is not only healthy – it’s a rewarding experience for the whole family to watch the daily progress of little seedlings grow into strong, productive plants. As the weather warms up, experienced gardening enthusiasts and novices alike are inspired to start planning their vegetable gardens.  Whether you’re planting in a pot or a plot, here are some handy tips for fostering your garden’s success.