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Dead Spots In Zoysia and Bermudagrass

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What should you do if patches of dead, bleached-out grass appear in your zoysia or bermudagrass?  And the rest of your grass resumes healthy growth, accentuating the sharp contrast between the diseased area and the healthy area?

Our Recommendation for a WiFi-Enabled Irrigation System

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Considering a “smart” WiFi-enabled irrigation system?  All WiFi irrigation systems promise some level of convenience, efficiency and cost-savings.  But if you’re overwhelmed by the choices, don’t worry!  We’ve already done the research, and our recommendation for the best option currently on the market for our clients in north Atlanta is the Hydrawise system by Hunter. 

Enjoy the Outdoors More with Mosquito Reduction Treatments

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Ready to enjoy the warm outdoors without pesky mosquitos?  Last year, we were very lucky that the Zika outbreak in Florida did not migrate into Georgia.  However, scientists at University of Georgia recently revealed that more mosquitos in Georgia are capable of spreading the virus than originally thought.   

Water Restrictions Update for North Atlanta

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As the weather heats up and flowers start to bloom, many of our clients start asking themselves…. “Should I be watering my lawn and garden??”

Handy Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pit Safety Tips

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Fall is in the air, and many of us are looking forward to gathering around an outdoor fire feature with friends and family. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or simply star gazing, outdoor fire places and fire pits spark great memories. 

Landscape Lighting with LEDs

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LEDs have revolutionized how we light the inside of our homes – and the practicality and energy savings associated with this preferred light source can benefit your landscape, too!  Here are the top three benefits of using LED lights in your landscape:

Trends to Watch: WiFi-Enabled Irrigation

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Want to water with your WiFi? A hot landscaping tech trend to watch is irrigation systems you can control remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  These systems offer features such as local weather updates, so you can adjust your water schedule accordingly. 

What’s eating your plants?

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Have you ever stared at your garden and wondered, “What’s eating my plants??” Unfortunately, the downside of Georgia’s wonderful ecosystem is the number of critters that view your landscape as a buffet.  Here are some handy tips on identifying what might be chewing on your landscape, and how to prevent further damage.

Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Walkways and Garden Paths

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Not only are walkways and garden paths convenient, pathways can highlight certain landscape features while diverting attention away from imperfections.

How to Attract the RIGHT Wildlife to Your Landscape

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Like it or not, you’re not the only one living at your address. From songbirds to snakes, landscapes are also home to a variety of local wildlife.  Here are tips to ensure you’re attracting the right kind of wildlife into your surroundings – and discouraging the kind that may be harmful.