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The Best Time to Plant Spring Bulbs

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The weather outside is frightful, but it’s the BEST time of year to plant spring bulbs. The rule of thumb for Spring-flowering bulbs is to plant after the first freeze.

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Seasonal Front Entryway

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The holiday season is about to ramp up in a big way – is your front entryway ready?

Tech Gadgets for your Garden

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If you want to become a better gardener through better information - or if you want technology that makes it easier to care for your landscape - it may be time to add some of these gadgets to your holiday wish list.

Can Good Landscaping Lower Your Power Bill?

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When it comes to a good landscape, your return on investment can go beyond curb appeal. A good landscape can also help reduce your power bills throughout the year. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reports shade trees can save an average household between $100 and $250 in energy costs annually.

Water Restrictions in Atlanta Reduced to Drought Level 1

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Good news! Water restrictions in metro Atlanta counties have been reduced from Drought Level 2 to Drought Level 1 – just in time for planting, aeration and overseeding season.

Tips on How to Help Your Landscape Survive the Summer Heat

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Meteorologists at The Weather Channel predicted a “warmer than average” summer for the southeastern U.S., and so far they’ve been right! While we can take respite in the pool or air conditioning, your landscape has to endure the elements 24/7. Here are some interesting facts and handy tips on how to help your landscape survive the summer heat.

Dead Spots In Zoysia and Bermudagrass

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What should you do if patches of dead, bleached-out grass appear in your zoysia or bermudagrass?  And the rest of your grass resumes healthy growth, accentuating the sharp contrast between the diseased area and the healthy area?

Our Recommendation for a WiFi-Enabled Irrigation System

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Considering a “smart” WiFi-enabled irrigation system?  All WiFi irrigation systems promise some level of convenience, efficiency and cost-savings.  But if you’re overwhelmed by the choices, don’t worry!  We’ve already done the research, and our recommendation for the best option currently on the market for our clients in north Atlanta is the Hydrawise system by Hunter. 

Enjoy the Outdoors More with Mosquito Reduction Treatments

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Ready to enjoy the warm outdoors without pesky mosquitos?  Last year, we were very lucky that the Zika outbreak in Florida did not migrate into Georgia.  However, scientists at University of Georgia recently revealed that more mosquitos in Georgia are capable of spreading the virus than originally thought.