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How to attract more birds and butterflies to your landscape

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Summer is all about spending time outdoors and enjoying your landscape.  And what is more relaxing than enjoying your morning cup of coffee while watching winged creatures? With a combination of thoughtful landscape design and careful plant selection, you can boost curb appeal and welcome butterflies, birds, dragonflies and other desirable wildlife to your garden. 

A Beautiful Landscape Design Enhances Property Value

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Imagine someone house hunting on a beautiful day.  They pull up to a house that has everything on their checklist: the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, updated kitchen, finished basement.  But, unfortunately… there is no curb appeal. Whether the landscape is unsightly, unkempt or just plain boring, suddenly the house of their dreams now feels unmaintained, unfinished and time-consuming.  On the other hand, a well-designed, functional landscape can significantly increase the appeal and value of a home to potential buyers.

Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

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You know that great feeling you have after a beautiful day outside?  When everything just seems better?  Studies show spending time outside is the best medicine, and you don’t have to be somewhere tropical to get it.  Just a small amount of time outdoors each day offers enormous benefits.  

Tips for the Best Outdoor Living

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Summer is here! Now that the temperature is rising, it’s time to enjoy some lazier and longer days in the great outdoors. 

Best Hi-Tech and Low-Tech Ways to Prep for Summer

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The days are getting longer and warmer, which means summer is coming!  A concern for many this time of year is how to keep your landscape looking its best while keeping your water bill under control. Water use becomes a hot topic during the warmer months in Atlanta, as water restrictions (and water bills) inspire homeowners to become more efficient in their water use. 

Does Swatting Keep Mosquitoes Away?

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It sure does! Even if you miss, swatting may keep mosquitoes from biting you… but only for a little while. In fact, researchers say mosquitoes learned to avoid "threatening situations" after just 15 minutes and could remember what they learned for 24 hours. 

But do you want to constantly wave your arms around to avoid those painful, itchy bites?

Top 3 Ways to Add Spring Color to Your Landscape

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Adding Spring color to your landscape is a great opportunity to make a statement. Color can alter mood and perception, allowing you to create a special place to relax and making small spaces seem larger. Here are some handy tips for adding the perfect colors to your landscape.

Top Gardening Trends for 2018

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The first hints of Spring are in the air, and many of us like to dream up new ideas for our landscapes.  Looking for inspiration?  Here are some top gardening trends for 2018:

More Handy Tips for Protecting your Trees and Plants from Cold Weather

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As we continue to experience cold weather snaps, it’s a reminder that winter can be tough on landscapes. However, there are many preventative measures you can take to protect your landscape during cold weather.

How to Help Your Landscape Survive the Extreme Cold Temperatures

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Atlanta has experienced very cold weather recently, with temperatures well below average this time of year. But you can help your favorite landscape features survive the cold.  Here are the top three ways to protect your valuable trees and plants from the extreme weather: