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Your lawn, trees and shrubs are unique to your property. So we treat them that way. At Handy Andy Outdoors, we get to know you and your property, and tailor our expert care to your specific needs. 

We offer comprehensive turf care programs for both cool-season and warm-season turf, so whether you have a fescue lawn, Bermuda or zoysia, our detailed, customized plans will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. 

Handy Andy Turf Care Program

Our approach will ensure:

• Customized treatment tailored specifically for your lawn and turfgrass type with higher quality products,
• A more environmentally friendly approach to lawn care with fewer scheduled applications using slow release fertilizers,
• A conscious effort to minimize overall pesticide use, while maintaining the quality you expect.


Ensuring that you have a healthy lawn is our top priority. A trained member of our team will conduct periodic site inspections to ensure that we are meeting our high quality standards with your lawn’s performance. Our team will apply nutrients or weed control treatments on an as-needed basis, in addition to your regularly scheduled applications throughout the year. This customized method differentiates Handy Andy Outdoors from the current one-size-fits-all approach of many of our competitors by focusing on results and environmental impact instead of the number of billable applications.

How our service works: 

Cool Season Turfgrass Program (Fescue Turf)

Warm Season Turfgrass Program (Bermuda and Zoysia Turfs)


Other Services Offered:

Aeration Services- Our attention to your lawn doesn’t stop there. We’ll aerate your lawn at just the right times to loosen compacted soil and allow water, oxygen and nutrients to get to your turf's root system. Warm season turf types get aerated in late spring or early summer to improve the quality and density during the active growing season.  For fescue lawns, we’ll apply quality grass seed, starter fertilizer and lime for a burst of fresh new growth in early Fall.   

Turfgrass Fungicide Program- Banishing harmful diseases is a crucial part of comprehensive turf care. The experts at Handy Andy Outdoors offer successful multistep fungicide programs to keep diseases, including the destructive brown patch and large patch, from ruining your lawn.

Water Saver Program- Our water saver program takes turf care one step further, by reducing the amount of water your lawn needs by as much as 50 percent. The two-treatment program includes application of a product that helps turf better utilize available ground water.

Tree and Shrub Care-Your trees and shrubs have their own unique needs throughout the growing season. We know how to keep them vibrant and healthy. At Handy Andy Outdoors, we use the most environmentally responsible products available as we care for your trees and shrubs with horticultural oil, insect and disease control, iron and fertilizer.

Located in Chamblee, Georgia, we provide expert, comprehensive, personal service for properties throughout the North Atlanta Metro, including Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Roswell and Sandy Springs. Our portfolio of landscaping projects covers homes throughout northern DeKalb and Fulton counties.