1083_Redstone_Lane_47-hires-069306-editedOur Mission

At Handy Andy Outdoors, our mission is to establish lasting relationships with our customers and with one another by creating an enjoyable work environment where employees respect their job and our customers, in turn, respect the service we provide.

Our Vision

We will seek skills and knowledge and train employees to work safely, efficiently and productively. We will plan and clearly define what must happen to satisfy customers in the creation of their landscape and the actions we take to implement the job. Everything about us will be clean, neat and well organized.

Keys to Success


Demonstrated by our investment of resources and unwavering support to advance the knowledge and skills of all our employees so that each can elevate themselves, realizing their highest potential in life.


Demonstrated by our understanding of the needs, desires and direction of our clients, employees and the business through follow-up and feedback.


Demonstrated in our prompt addressing of inquiries and ability to think through and develop solution implementation that we follow through on in a timely fashion.

Core Values

We will work together with our clients to benefit personal living spaces, our community and future generations through our landscapes.


  • Forge strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients by maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and fairness with our suppliers, subcontractors and professional associates. This ensures that we are serving our customers with the best products at the best prices every day.
  • Consistently ask ourselves, "Are we doing the right thing?"
  • Respect our environment and those we come in contact with every day.


  • Exceed our clients' expectations and gain their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.
  • Provide a complete menu of services from which our customers can choose, while also giving special attention and focus to every customer's individual needs, so that together we can make their landscaping dreams a reality.
  • Perform the highest quality service and fair and market-competitive prices.


  • Ensure we're taking care of our people: customers and employees.
  • Give back to our community through donations and service.
  • Develop lasting relationships through repeat and referral business, achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas, including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.